Art in Healthcare

Postcard for Art in Healthcare bought by CEO

I submitted this line drawing for an Art in Healthcare fundraising auction and was delighted to hear it was bought by the charity’s Chief Executive, Margaret O’Connor.

The brief was to produce a piece of art which could be used for postcards. I chose a view of Edinburgh’s old town roofs, reflecting the interesting angles of the traditional tenements with their stepped gables. The Saltaire (Scottish flag) was a last-minute addition!

Having been born in Scotland, in Stirling, I am especially pleased to support the work of Art in Healthcare, a registered charity which had its roots in providing art for the walls of Scotland’s hospitals and health care buildings and now works to maximise the positive impact of visual art for health and wellbeing.

“I’m thrilled with my purchase – found time as Art in Healthcare CEO at last week’s Twitter Art Exhibit to choose your card from the 900+ available. Thanks so much for participating and supporting Art in Healthcare!”  

Margret O’Connor CEO Art in Healthcare

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